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Setting Up and Getting Started with Your GoPro MAX 360 camera (in 4k).
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How To Use GoPro MAX:

This beginner’s guide tutorial video by Jordan Hetrick shows you how to set up your GoPro Max camera so you are ready to start recording videos and photos with it!

This video includes instructions for:
🌟 Unboxing and Setting Up GoPro Max
🌟 Installing the Battery and Inserting a microSD Memory Card
🌟 Charging Max
🌟 Updating your camera’s firmware through the GoPro App
🌟 Changing shooting modes, using Setting Presets, and recording using the Touch Display
🌟 Max Mounting Basics
🌟 Using the GoPro App with Max to compose, film and change settings
🌟 Transferring Videos and Photos with the GoPro App

To learn invaluable information about Settings, Mounting, Filming, Editing, Sharing, and more, written SPECIFICALLY FOR GoPro MAX, check out my book:

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Deepest gratitude to everyone for watching and for buying my How To Use GoPro books!
Jordan Hetrick

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00:00 - Intro
01:56 - Can you power the GoPro MINI with powerbank?
02:34 - How much does the GoPro MINI weigh?
03:36 - How long is the battery life on the GoPro MINI?
04:10 - How it the GoPro MINI audio?
05:02 - Does the audio dongle work with GoPro MINI?
06:40 - Are the flip down feet removable?
07:12 - Does it work with Snap Mounts?
07:50 - MY APP AND UI FIX!
11:47 - How much does the GoPro Mini cost?

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This guide is step by step how to color an image using GIMP. Very basic simple to follow instructions for those having issues understanding how this program works

Renegade Rich
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I usually colourise photographs using Photoshop but I wanted to see if GIMP could produce similar results. Despite being a free piece of software I was really impressed with how good the results turned out to be and I wanted to share my method. Please let me know in the comments if this video was useful. :)

To see colourised pictures, you can follow me at the following:

Renegade Rich
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