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$500 versus $8,000 camera!!! Canon T2I versus Fuji GFX 100s

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Renegade Rich
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$500 versus $8,000 camera!!! Canon T2I versus Fuji GFX 100s

A fun little project that I undertook to see what it really means to be a good photographer. We tested the age-old saying, the best kind of camera is the one you have on you. And if you watch the video you can know for yourself if this is true or not. There is something really amazing about capturing the outdoors that I even forgot which camera I was using as I focused on the shot itself.

Thanks for testing them out with me!

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01:35 Taking photos at the beach with the Canon and Fuji cameras
02:15 Photo quizz - Canon VS Fuji
03:09 Which photo is which
03:31 Comparing the Canon and Fuji photos in Lightroom


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