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How to Tune to 528 Hz and 432 Hz in FL Studio | Advanced Music Production Tutorial

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Renegade Rich
Renegade Rich
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⁣Learn how to tune to 528 Hz in FL Studio, as well as 432 Hz the easy way. Simply copy this number: 0.5066680908203125 and paste it into the master pitch for 528 Hz. UPDATE! Latest version of FL Studio https://amzn.to/3262VhX (Amazon affiliate links) lets you tune to 432 and 528 (C=444) Hz DIRECTLY! :) making it super easy!

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Tuning to 528 Hz means your note C (5) will be vibrating at 528 cycles per second and your note A will be at 444 Hz. This means you will be tuning up 4 Hz from the standard tuning pitch of 440 Hz, an equivalent of 16 cents.

In the case of 432 Hz tuning, you will need tune down -32 cents (or 8Hz) from 440 Hz. This will make the note A vibrate at 432 Hz and the note C (5) at 512 Hz.

Thanks to YouTube user The Captain Chiefer who broke down the math the following way to get to the appropriate FL Studio number:


1. C5=528hz when A4=444hz.

2. Fl studio's default pitch setting type in value=0.5 upon starting up the program. (A=440hz)

3. As seen above you can copy and paste 0.486663818359375 into 'type in' and change the pitch to 432hz.

4. Since 440hz-432hz=8hz & 444hz is 440hz+4hz we would subtract the default fl pitch, 0.5 by the pitch for 432hz, 0.486663818359375 to get the value of 8hz for the 'type in' value, and then divide that value by 2 to get the value of 4hz for the 'type in' value.

5. (0.5 - 0.486663818359375)/2= 0.0066680908203125

6. 4hz difference in cents = 0.0066680908203125 so add that to the default pitch of fl, 0.5

7. 0.5+0.0066680908203125=0.5066680908203125

8. A=444hz=0.5066680908203125 'type in' pitch value

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