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How to Upload & Organize Your Photos - Getting Started | Zenfolio Classic

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Renegade Rich
Renegade Rich
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Hi This video is for my website https://leonard.photography 😊👍

⁣⬇ Check out the timestamps below to navigate to a specific section of the video ⬇

0:00:00 - Intro
0:00:03 - Overview

Groups 📁
0:00:41 - What is a group and what is it for?
0:01:06 - What can and can't go inside of a group

Galleries 🌄
0:01:24 - What is a gallery and what are they for?
0:01:29 - What can and can't go inside a gallery?

Collections 🚫
0:01:49 - What is a collection?
0:02:27 - Should you use a collection?

Organization 🗂
0:03:33 - Suggested organization
0:04:10 - How to create your organization
0:04:36 - How to create a new group
0:04:53 - Thinking about your organization
0:05:05 - How to create a new group inside of an existing group
0:05:39 - How to protect your client galleries
0:06:38 - How to create a new gallery
0:06:55 - How groups pass down their privacy settings to galleries
0:07:14 - Making a gallery password protected

Uploading 📤
0:07:40 - Uploading into a new gallery
0:08:42 - How to upload into an existing gallery
0:09:10 - How to upload folders
0:11:02 - How uploading folders organize your content


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Our number one goal is to provide Photographers with the tools needed to showcase and grow their photography business. In this video you will learn about uploading and organizing your photos on Zenfolio.
Photos are best uploaded in JPEG format using the sRGB color profile. The maximum files size for Pro and Advanced accounts is 64 megabytes. Every photo is automatically converted to several different image sizes optimized for web viewing. An unlimited amount of original photos may be stored in any gallery, available for download anytime.

Photos and video are stored in galleries underneath your All Photographs group. Access settings applied to the All Photographs group define your defaults for all other groups, galleries, collections, and photos.

Groups are like folders on your hard drive, they are used to organize your work and can be nested within each other. Galleries are pages within Groups, used to show off photos and videos. When uploading and storing photos and videos, it is the Galleries that hold and store that content.
Collections have photos referenced from many galleries assembled into one page.

Everything within the All Photographs group can be rearranged by dragging and dropping into a new order or using the sorting options. You can also move galleries into different groups, and move or copy photos into different galleries.

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