Spearheading Across Europe with Patton's Third Army

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Renegade Rich
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Robert “Boots” Chouinard was born in 1923. He enlisted in the Army in 1943, and a year later he was sent to Europe. He touched down on Omaha Beach in France five days after D-Day.

Chouinard and his unit, the 128th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Gun Battalion, would join up with Patton's famed 3rd Army and travel across France and Belgium providing anti-aircraft support for the spearhead of the allied advance.

Ultimately Chouinard was sent to the Rhine River to secure the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen. While thousands of American soldiers were crossing, they were tasked to shoot down German aircraft that were attempting to destroy the bridge.

After successfully completing this task, they traveled south of the Rhine River, where they made another crossing in Oppenheim, Germany.

Interview recorded on November 5, 2022

Video Credits:
Interviewer - Bob Patrick
Director of Photography - Umit Gulsen
Editor - Daniel Taksas

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