Tattered Waves by Regina Zaheer

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Tattered Waves

This old lady’s getting slammed. Anger towards her’s out of hand

Frustration’s building strong of late. And now turning to such hate

Her woven cloth waves torn and frail. Like a kite without a tail

True she’s been around awhile. And perhaps now she is out of style

For some the answer’s very clear. Start from scratch. Shred her everywhere

Some are fine just how she is. Confused by such unhappiness

Old Glory’s been real good to them. No need to change her or condemn

True she’s been around awhile. There ain’t nothing wrong with her profile

Not much left for common ground. ‘Cept the mud being thrown around

Her colors deep blue, red and white. Long waving through dawn’s early light

But here is one thing I can say. It’s all our home, the USA

The right to live, to fight or pray. It’s all our home, the USA

Both sides have their points to make. “Cus everyone has much at stake

Solution’s now to criticize. Shout down the other ‘n vandalize.

Don’t mean to get into this fray. Forgive what might be a cliche

Just simple words I sing today. It’s all our home, the USA. It’s all our home, the USA.

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