The Worlds Gone Crazy by Regina Zaheer

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World’s Gone Crazy

Just don’t get what’s going on and I feel so blue
Would like to help and change still I don’t know what to do
Was born a long, long time ago when things appeared so true
Now seems the world’s gone crazy and I haven’t, I haven’t got a clue

Just as you cannot find new oceans ‘less you leave the shore
You cannot make life better ‘less you’re willing to explore
It takes courage. Check your fears. Keep your head above the fray
“Cus the world’s gone crazy. You don’t always, don’t always have a say

First find peace within your heart and then things can be alright
Stay strong and endeavor. Just don’t give up on this fight
Search down deep and ask your soul what’s the answer to this plight
“Cus the world’s gone crazy. What seems right’s not always right

And when things get rough and out of hand remember this is true
The power is within you to decide just what to do
Keep love in sight. Treat others right. And banish hatred too
Though the world’s gone crazy. You don’t have to, you don’t have to join it too

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