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What if Pollution Disappeared? + more videos | #aumsum #kids #science #education #whatif

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What if Pollution Disappeared?
Firstly, if Pollution disappeared, people who walk or bike to work will be the happiest of the lot.
Secondly, if Pollution disappeared, people may start visiting hospitals less frequently.
Thirdly, if Pollution disappeared, fishes and birds will be one relieved lot.
Fourthly, if Pollution disappeared, people who fight against climate change will be on relieved lot.
Lastly, if Pollution disappeared, sale of air and water purifiers will fall sharply.

0:00 -What if Pollution Disappeared?
0:59 - What if we planted a Trillion Trees?
2:01 - What if all Animals Disappeared?
3:14 - What if Humans suddenly Disappeared?
4:19 - What if Birds Disappeared?
5:34 - What if Flowers Disappeared?
6:47 - What if Butterflies Disappeared?
8:00 - What if Fruits Disappeared?
9:21 - What if Fishes Disappeared?

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